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Baby Shower

A baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected or delivered birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother at a party, whereas other cultures host a baby shower to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother.BS1£35.00 - £72.00BS2£40.00 - £68.00BS3£90.00 - £145.00BS4£27.00 - £65.00BS5£31.00 - £75.00BS6£35.00 - £72.00Baby gift box - Icing cake£44.00 - £140.00Baby blocks - Icing cake£95.00 - £128.00Baby Bump - Icing cake£65.00 - £120.00Bee - Icing Cake£42.00 - £88.00Elephant baby shower - Icing Cake£160.00 - £205.00Baby bum - Icing cake£35.00 - £107.00Baby bum - Icing cake£38.00 - £112.00Peeking baby - Icing cake£40.00 - £75.00Baby theme - Icing cake£74.00 - £189.00Baby theme - Icing cake£45.00 - £135.00Baby booties - Icing cake£30.00 - £130.00* prices may be slightly different depends on branch and choosen extras
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